Shuangrui Ding (丁双睿)

I am a junior undergraduate at University of Michigan, major in Computer Science, with a dual degree of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

At UMich, I have been a member in Foreseer, where I'm advised by Prof. Qiaozhu Mei and mentored by Jiaqi Ma. At SJTU, I have been a member in John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science, where I have been advised by Prof. Haiming Jin.

I'm interested in machine learning on structured data. Currently, how to design a better representation on graph and explain the black-box GNNs excites me.

I am looking forward to pursuing a Ph.D. degree on machine learning and data mining.

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[Jul. 2020] Our paper Practical Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks was accepted at ICML GRL+ workshop 2020.

Practical Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks
Jiaqi Ma*, Shuangrui Ding*, Qiaozhu Mei
ICML GRL+ workshop, 2020
arXiv / slides / video

Exploiting the structural inductive biases of GNNs, the restricted black-box adversarial attacks can be conducted effectively.


Finalist winner (Top 0.3%), Mathematical Contest in Modeling. 2019 [Certificate]

Nation Scholarship (Top 2%), Ministry of Education of China. 2018 [Certificate]


1. My favorite sports is soccer. I was the captain of UM-SJTU JI soccer team during season 2018. Besides, I am a super fan of Manchester City in Premier League. C'mon City!

2. I am proud that I have graudated from the competition class at Hangzhou No.2 High school, where I make friends with so many talented students and prestigious teachers.

3. It is worth mentioning that Rui is my best friend and has motivated me forward for nearly nine years as my role model. Congratulate him on the admission to CUHK MMLab. Best wishes and good luck!

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